Make your wedding feel more intimate (in 3 easy steps)

how to make your wedding feel more intimate

Think back to some of your favorite weddings you've attended as a guest. How did you feel when you were there? I'm willing to bet it wasn't their color scheme or signature drink that you remember most. For me, my favorite weddings have been the ones where I feel welcomed, special, and an important part of the couple's lives. I love it when I walk away feeling like I know the bride and groom even more than I did before and have some new friends.

The best way to get these warm and cozy feelings flowing amongst your guests is to create a sense of intimacy. Whether you're having a 25-person wedding or a 300-person blowout, it's possible to foster an atmosphere that makes your guests feel at home.

Here are 3 ways to make your wedding more intimate:

1. Serve your meal family-style.

When most people are choosing how they want to serve food to their guests they usually think plated (where the servers bring everyone their individual meal) or buffet/food stations (where guests get up and choose the food that they want). Family style is my very favorite way to serve food and is often overlooked. This is when servers will bring large portions of each dish to the table and guests pass it around and choose what they'd like, just as if you were having dinner at home with your family. This works whether you are having long tables or round tables and it gets people talking to each other. It's my favorite way to share a meal!

2. Create clusters.

If your space seems a little too big for your guest count it may be tempting to try and spread everything out evenly but this may actually make it look sparse. It's better to cluster a few areas of the room to create natural gathering spaces. For example, put all of your guest tables in one area. Then, maybe create a lounge area near the bar. You could even create a fun DIY s'mores or cigar station (get creative!) and throw a few benches and pillows near there. These little spaces will draw groups of people in to hang out for a while and maybe make a few new friends.

3. Honor your own style.

With all of the color schemes and design ideas floating around Pinterest it can be overwhelming to try and pick a particular style. While your guests may not notice the exact colors you choose they'll be able to sense if your wedding truly represents you. Don't feel like you need to have a big traditional cake just because your families are expecting it. If you're more of a pie girl, why not have a fun pie table instead? Style goes far beyond colors and the more you embrace and incorporate the fun things that you love the more connected your guests will feel to you.

Have any other ideas about how to create at intimate atmosphere for your guests? Put it in the comments below! I'd love to hear them :)

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